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Apache Helicopter
Balloon-Hot Air-Animated
Balloons-Floating Away-Animation
Balloons-Large, Not Animated
Beach House
Birthday Cake with Animated Candles
Birthday Cake with Animated Streamers
Boy Opening Present
Boy Reading & Surrounded with
Stacks of Books
Couple Dancing the Tango

Aqua Turreted Castle
Bronze Castle
Brown Castle Among Trees
Gold Castle Floating Among Pink Clouds
Red & Gold & Turquoise Castle
Green Castle in Clouds
Grey Castle with Blue Turrets
Grey Castle  Grey Turrets
Grey & Pink Castle
Grey Castle Red Turrets
Pink Castle Blue Turrets
Purple Castle
Silver Castle
Stone Castle with Trees
White Castle with Black Background
White Castle with Grey Turrets
Yellow Castle

Church with Steeple
Clown Cutting Birthday Cake
Devil-Flying Red Devil
Fan-Yellow, Pretty
Firemen Putting Out Fire
This Page

Firepot-Animated Flame
Girl Dancing

Animated Juke Boxes

Juke Box-Art Deco Rock & Roll
Juke Box-Black Orange
Juke Box-Orange Multi
Juke Box -Pink
Juke Box-Yellow, Brown
Piano Keyboard-Animated-This Page
Pied Piper
Rag Doll
Red Roses-Animated

Stage Lights-Right-This Page
Stage Lights-Left-This Page
Statue of Liberty


Boxcars-Moving Animation
Choo Choo Train-Red-A Favorite
Green Multi Train-Not Animated
Railroad Crossing Signal-Animated
Southern Pacific Train Crossing Bridge
Station Crossing Lights-Small
Tiny Red Train Engine
Toy Train Animated
Train Emerging from Tunnel
Train-Divider Bar Blue Toy Train
Train Divider-Train-Coming Out of Tunnel
Grea Small Animation

Train Tracks-Brown
Train-Yellow Animated (Shown Above)
Acrobat Waving (Right)
Baby Sitting Up in Baby Carriage
Banjo Player in Rocking Chair (Below)
Big Sister and  Little Sister
Blue Vase with Flowers
Boy Coloring Picture While Lying on Floor
Boy Flying a Kite
Boy Holding Flowers Behind His Back
Boy on a Playground Merry-Go-Round (Below))
Boy Riding a Scooter
Boy with Baseball  Bat Tossing Baseball (Below)
Business Woman Talking on a Cell Phone (Left)
Business Woman Working at  Computer
Cute Little Girl on a Rocking Horse (Below)
Chef  Lighting Up BBQ Grill with
Shooting Flames (Top)

Cute Little Girl  Happily Walking Along
Girl Sitting in a Chair and Reading a Book
French Artiste Wearing Red Beret
Girl Sitting on Top of a Stack of Books
While Reading a Book

Hippie --with Guitar--Waiving
Library Book Cart-Right
Prom Queen with Flowers
Sailor Waiving
Woman Skier-nice animation
to the right

Mostly 3D Animations
Computer Surfing (This Page)
Ferris Wheel
Floppy Disc Walking
Key Lock Turning
Librarian (Shh!) and Library Cart
"Look" Word has Eye Animation
Man --Sitting on Bench--  Reading a  Newspaper
Moon Sleeping &  Snoring
Open Book w/ Flipping Pages
Pencil Rolling
Sun Playing w/ Beachball
Tinman w/ Pounding Heart

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You  have to save the basketball separately from the animation of the teenagers talking.
Updated December 11, 2012