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3 Skeletons Dancing in Unison
*Animated Bat-flying
Bat-Angry, Flying
Bat-Blue, Flying
Bat-Flying (Comical)
Bat  w/ Red Eyes, Flying
Bat &  Orange Moon
Bat & Yellow Moon
Black House & Lightning
Boy Carving Pumpkin (Ghost Appears)
Cat  Black, Jumps Out of Bag
Cat, Black, eyes Blink-Awesome
Cat Jumps Out of Pumpkin
Cat & Moon
Cat on Fence with Moon,
Clouds Moving, Pumpkin Looming
Dracula, Talking on Cell Phone-Cool!
Dracula, Turns into a Bat-Cool!
Dungeon Door Ajar, Eyes Peering Out
Frankenstein's Monster
Frankenstein's Monster  Goes
Frankenstein's Monster-
Green Face, Blue Suit
Frankenstein's Monster-Green Head
(Shown Below_

Frankenstein''s Monster Moves
Left to Right

Frankenstein's Monster Moves
to the Right

Ghost-Cute, Waves
Ghost Disintegrating
Ghost-Outlined in White
Ghosts, Pumpkins & Lightning
Ghost-Sticking Out His Tongue
Ghoul Blue
Ghoul Purple
Halloween Candy (top of this page)
Halloween House Animated
Haunted House
Haunted House, Large, Black & White
Haunted House  On HIll with Pumpkin
Haunted House with Lightning
Haunted House with Lightning & Moon
Haunted House with Eyes
Peering  Out, Bat Flying, Lightning
Pumpkin-3D with Gourds & Leaves
Pumpkin, Bat Flies Out
Pumpkin, Bouncing
Pumpkin, Bright Orange with Ghosts
Pumpkin, Carved, Lit, Sinister
Pumpkin, Carved, Lit, Smiling
Pumpkin, with Cat & Ghost Playing
Pumpkin Divider
Pumpkin, Entire Pumpkin Moves
Pumpkin & "Happy Halloween"
Pumpkin, Light Inside Flickers
Pumpkin, Medium & Lit
Pumpkin-Mouth Changes Expression
Pumpkin with Ghost
Tree, Bare with Moon, Flying Witch
Trick or Treaters-Large
Vampire & "Happy Halloween"
Witch-Comic on Broomstick-large
Witch-Cute on Broomstick
Witch on Broomstick
*Witch Stirring Brew
Witch with Broomstick

Witch with Green Face
Witch with Orange Moon
Witch-Stirring Cauldron
Witch-on Broomstick-Divider Bar
Woman Carving Pumpkin

Broomstick-Divider Bar
Cat Vampire Animation
Red Witch with Cauldron
Small Ghost Animation
Small Winsome Ghost Animation
Cat, Black-Running
Cat-Black, with Animated Pumpkin
Cat, Witch, Moon Animation (Dark Blue Background)
Globe-Animated Pumpkin
Globe-Animated-Cat & Pumpkin
Pumpkin-Animated Glowing

Girl Dressed as Witch (with Cat) Sitting by Campfire
Girl Wearing Witch's' Hat & Holding Black Kitten
Halloween Greetings-Girl, Pumpkin Cat
Pumpkin Moon & Girl Dressed as Witch, Holding Cat
Witch & Cat Sitting on Half Moon

Bat Flying "Happy Halloween"
Cute "October" Theme Animation
Haunted House w/ Orange Sky Overhead
Trick or Treat Animation

This Animation is from Artie.com. Click on the link to visit the website.
This Animation is from Artie.com
Happy Halloween from Magic Lantern Graphics!
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