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The Wonderful Frog Genie is from Lucy Rand Animations
Aladdin's Lamp
Car, Youths & Surfboard
Couple Dancing the Tango- New !
Egyptian Mask-Wow
Eiffel Tower  - Paris (Animated)
Fairy-Left (Gold)
Fairy-Right (Gold)
Hawaiian Sunset
Ocean Waves
Palm Tree, Swaying
Pink Castle in the Air
Shooting Star
Twinkling Blue Star
Star-Twinkling Christmas
Silver Torch with Purple Flame
Surfer Guy
Torch with Yellow Flame
Yacht with Captain at Helm-Sailing

Bear Tumbling
Bird, Comical, Flying
Bull Pawing Ground
Bumble Bee
Cat-Grinning, Yellow
Cat-White Persian
Cheshire Cat
Pink & White (below)

Chick Hatching
Cow-Black & White
Cow-Brown, Grazing
Cow-Chewing Flower
Dodo Bird
Dove in Flight
Duck, Flying
Elephant-Flapping Ears
Fish & Clam- 3D anim
Fish-Purple shown
Fish & Starfish 3D anim
Flamingo, Pink
Frog-Genie (above)

Bear "I Love You" Hearts
Bear "Be My Valentine"-Animated-A Cutie!
Bear "Key to My Heart"
Bear- with Valentine
Bear "Thinking of You"
"Be Mine" Small Valentine Card
"Be Mine" Blocks
Bumble Bee -"Bee Mine"
"Be My Valentine" Glowing Heart
"Be My Valentine-Animated Rose
Candy Box-Heart Shape, Valentine's Day
Candy Hearts-"Kiss Me", "Cutie", etc.
Carousel Heart - "Be Mine"
Cats-Two Hugging
Cat-Tabby Cat with" I Love You"
Cats-Two with Heart
Cat-wth Valentine
Cherub With Heart
Cupid-Playing Lyre
Cupid-Red Silhouette & "Be My Valentine"
Cupid Shooting Heart-Great Animation
Cupid Throwing Kisses
Cupid with Bow & Arrow
Cupid with Heart
Cupid-Spinning Silhouette
Cupids-Two with Heart-Cartoon
Cupid Shooting Arrows-Very Cool Cartoon
Doves-Two with Basket of Flowers-Card
e-mail Valentine's with Balloons & Hearts
Follow the Trail to My Heart
Frog Prince Throwing Kisses
Giraffes in Love
Globe with Bear & Heart
Heart Divider
Heart Explodes into Smaller Hearts
Heart on Roller Coaster
Heart Outlined
Heart Pops Out of Envelope
Heart-Purple Throbbing
Heart-Purple-Ribbons & Arrow
Heart-White-"Happy Valentine's Day"
Hearts-Two Hearts with Arrow
Hearts Cluster of Six
Heart-Valentine Eating Chocolates
from a Box  (Shown Above)
Key to My Heart _ Heart & Key
Kittens and Valentine
Lips Kiss "I Love You"
Lips-Lovely Throwing Kisses
Pandas With Heart
Pink & Red Valentine Divider
Puppy Valentine
Rabbit White-with Banner:
"I'm So Lucky Because I Have You"

Rabbit with Heart
Red & Pink Hearts Animated
Rose "Be Mine"
"Roses Are Red..." Card
Rose Valentine
Snoopy with Valentines

Sun Kiss
Swans-Two with Heart
Teddy Bear Pops Out of Heart
Three Interlocking Hearts
Tic Tac Toe with Hearts
Tulips & Roses Swag
Two Cupids with Pink Heart
Two Hearts & "Love"
Two Mice Valentine
Two Teddy Bears Valentine
Two Valentines Dancing
Valentine-Pink & Purple Vintage
Valentine Greeting with Animated Rose
Valentine with Legs Running-Comic
Valentine-Vintage-Two Children
Valentines Grow in Tree
"Wont You Be My Valentine?"
World Globe with Hearts Encircling It
Angel - Irish with Shamrocks
Carriage-Irish, Vintage Picture
Dancer-Irish-Style 1
Dancer-Irish-Style 2
Divider Line-Shamrocks
Divider Line-Two Men with Green Beers
Irish Blessing-"May the road rise up to meet you..."
Irish Girl Clog Dancing
Irish Hat with Shamrocks & Shillelagh
Irish Woman-"Top O' The Morning..."
Irish Maiden-with Shamrocks
Irish Piper-Facing Right
Irish Piper-facing Left

Irish Postcard-Scenic "Erin Go Braugh"
Leprachaun Hiding Behind Shamrock (shown)
Leprechaun Jumps Out of Pot of Gold
Leprechaun Offering a Shamrock
Leprechaun Playing an Accordion
Leprechaun With  Pot of Gold & Rainbow
Map of Ireland
Rainbow- Animated
Shamrock Singing
Shamrock Smoking a Pipe
Shamrock with Pipes
Smiling Shamrocks
Bunny and Chicks " Happy Easter"
Bunny Blinking with Eggs
Bunny-Comical in Basket of Easter  Eggs
Bunny-Cute Jumping
Bunny in Bucket
Bunny Divider
Bunnies & Eggs "Happy Easter" Divider
Bunny Face
Bunny Lady Hiding Easter Eggs in Grass
Bunny Moving around Egg
Bunny Painting Easter Eggs for Basket
Bunny-Small, Animated (above)
Cat Peeks Out from
Inside Blue Easter Egg  
See Below
Cat Pats Egg
Cat with Ribboned Easter Egg
Cat Taps Egg "Happy Easter"
Chick Blinking with Eggs
Chick Pops out of  Purple Easter Egg
Chicks and Eggs  Divider Line
Chicks and Eggs Divider Line-2
Chick Hatching from Large Egg
Chicks-Two Tying Ribbons
Around Easter Egg

Chocolate Bunny in Easter Basket
Duck Inside Easter Egg-Pops Out
Duck Laying Eggs
Easter Duck-Very Cool
Duckling-Gold Beautiful Hatching
from Golden Egg

Duckling with Easter Egg
"Easter Parade Bonnet"
Easter Eggs (Shown)
Easter Chick with Eggs & Basket
Easter Rabbit "Happy Easter"
Kitty with Basket of Eggs
Victorian Easter Card-
Two Bunnies Rubbing Noses

Rabbit- "Happy Easter"
Vintage Postcard- Child with Easter Lillies
White Easter Rabbit
White Comic Hopping Rabbit
White Rabbit with Watch
Winking Rabbit "Happy Easter"

Valentine animations, valentine gifs, valentine clip art, animated valentines, Bear and hearts, Bear “Be My Valentine, Bear-”Thinking of You, Be Mine-Small Valentine card, Be Mine spelled out in blocks, bumble bee “Bee Mine”. “Be My Valentine” Candy Box Heart, Candy Hearts, Carousel Heart, Cats-two hugging, cat -tabby with “I love You“, Cats- two with heart, Cat with valentine, cherub with heart, cupid playing lyre, cupid red silhouette and “Be My Valentine, cupid shooting heart, cupid throwing kisses, cupid with box and arrow, cupid with heart, cupid spinning silhouette, two cupids with heartcupids shooting arrows, doves with basket of flowers, email valentine, frog prince throwing kisses, globe with bear and heart, broken heart, heart divider, heart pops out of envelope, purple heart with ribbons, cluster of six hearts lovely lips throwing kisses, pandas with heart, rabbit with valentine banner “ rabbit with heart, rose with Be Mine, roses are red, two swans with heart, tulips and roses swag, vintage valentine, valentine with legs running, vintage valentine, two children, world globe with heart encircling it.
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Frog -Orange
Frog, Small, Green
Frog Strumming Guitar
Monarch Butterfly
Mouse & Cheese #1
Mouse & Cheese #2
Mouse, Blue, Crying
Owl-Purple Flying
Panda and Honey Pot
Parakeet-above right
Penguins-3. Dancing
Penguin Using

Walking & Very Cool

Rabbit Eating a Carrot
Rabbit-White Silhouette
Seagull, Comical, Flying
Sheep, Flying
This category includes two legged and four legged creatures,
as well as  fish, insects, birds, and mythical & magical animals.
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3 Animated Hearts-Pink, Red
"Be My Valentine" Spelled
Out on Banner
Bear with Heart "Friends 4 Ever
"Bear with Two Hearts

Bear w/ Balloons "Friends That Share"
"are Friends Who Share"

Bears-Two on Moon with Pink Clouds
Bee Spells Out "Love"
Bees-Two with Hearts,
Not Animated-Great Clipart

Bunnies-Two Animated with Hearts

Cardinals-Two Red with Heart, Small
Cat, Pink with Animated Red Heart
Couple Drinking -- Champagne-Vintage 1920's
Couple-Teenagers-Share Soda, Very 1950's
Heart Silhouette in Background

Cupid-Valentine's Day Banner-This Page, Above
Donald & Daisy Duck-Valentine's Day Card
February-Month is Spelled Out-3D with Hearts
Girl-Holding Valentine-Small
Heart-3D with Face, Holds Key to Heart-This Page

Heart Animated- "Happy Valentine's Day" -This Page
Heart Animated-"I Love You Mom"
Heart Dances & Spells Out Words to
Poem "Roses Are Red"
Heart-Lock Opens with Key, This Page
Heart is Inflated by Air Pump,
Large, Impressive Animation

Heart-Message "Be My Valentine" is Spelled Out
Heart Shaped Box of Candy & Roses
Animated-This Page
Hearts-Small, Animated
Key to My Heart, Vintage circa 1909-with Cupid

Kitten, White, "Happy Valentine's Day"-Small
Kitten, White "Be Mine"
Kissing Couple-Cartoon
Kissing-Couple-Boy and Girl
Lipstick Blot
Lips Form Kiss-"I Love You"
Mailbox with Two Doves Inside
Man Kissing Woman's Hand, Vintage, Small
Mickey & Minnie Mouse Valentine's Card
Penguins-Two Hugging Animation (This Page)
Puppies with Hearts-Cute Animation-3D

Rose Flower Animated-Sepals Toss Up "Love You"
Pretty w/ Pink Background-This Page

Snoopy with Valentines
Swans-Two Face Each Other & Form Heart

Teddy Bear-Brown Hugging-Hearts (This Page)
Teddy Bear Pulls Up His Shirt
to Reveal Heart on His Chest "With All My Heart"

Teddy Bear White Throwing Kisses (This Page)
Teddy Bears-Two Holding "Hands"
Teddy Bear with Heart "A Valentine for You"

Valentine Banner-3D w/ Roses Animated
Valentine-Boy & Girl "Sincere Greetings"
Vintage 1920's
Valentine Cookies-Small, Multi Colors
Valentine-Cupid with Large White Arrow-Vintage
Valentine-Two Cupids in Bower with Hearts-Vintage
Valentine-Lace-with Cupid in Center-Vintage
Valentine Roses-Daisies Vintage
Valentine-Three Cupids-Vintage
Valentine Web with Cupid and Hearts Vintage
Valentine-Woman Blowing Valentine


>Thief  Slides down Pole to Steal Heart
in Glass Case-Check this out!
>Four Swans with Roses & Hearts-A
Gorgeous Vintage Card!

>Doves and Flowers Banner-This Page
>"I Love You More" Big Candy Heart--This Page

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